There is so much to know and learn about placing a person in an assisted living facility. It is a time consuming, educational and emotional process that needs time and just the right amount of knowledge otherwise your investment can be a struggle.

Whether you’re still planning your next step or in a position to make a quick, unplanned placement, DSRS understands this and aims to educate you and the people involved in making this transition for your loved one successful and as stress free as possible. While using our services our goals are to get you well informed. We will educate you regarding:

Terminology: It is important to understand the terms used during a person’s hospital or a short-term stay at a rehabilitation center. Sometimes there are acronyms or a “language” we use in this industry that will be foreign to you. We are sensitive to that fact, and want you to know what we are talking about. So we will be certain to be clear and speak to you in a way that you understand all that we are communicating.

Facilities: Our placement consultants will go over with you what the different types of facilities are and whether or not they are the best fit for your loved one.

Resources: We will explore all the additional resources that can assist in funding your placement.

Budget 101: You can expect to do a budget analysis to ensure that we place you in the facility you can afford. How assisted living is paid for and where your sources of income will benefit you.

Help Transition: Together we will discuss all of the lifestyle adjustments you and your loved ones might face and give you ideas on how to helped your loved ones transition into their new situation.