Delta Senior Referral Services started with a recipe created with love, care and compassion for the aging population.

The founder, Layla Baskin believes that with God and her love for family and people in general, this was all predestined for her!

She enjoyed weekends, holidays and summers spending hours running across the street to visit both sides of her family!

Where they lived, the whole neighborhood knew each other and interacted. There was so much love and joy in the neighborhood!! It was those times where Layla developed her love for an older population. Layla learned so much in her childhood surrounded by these woman and men! Many of them military veterans, a multitude of ethnicities and all of them filled with love for family.

If any one thing is important to Layla, it is love and family. There’s something about the two that just made the recipe for life amazing! Layla spent time in the military so she understands firsthand what it’s like to be a veteran and the meaning of service before self! Layla preceded to work in the medical field for a short time as a medical assistant for an internal medicine doctor whose general population was geriatrics. Good ol’ southern folk!

Later in life, Layla stayed home to care for her children for 6 years, but not just her own, she operated a home daycare until her last daycare child went to school.

This is where the magic happened!

Layla went to work in a nursing home and that’s where her true passion was. As a social services designee, she developed a sense of compassion and felt it was an honor to serve men and woman who were older than her. Her innate qualities allowed her to asset this group of people on multiple levels. It was a wonderful opportunity that she loved very much. Later down the road, following her time at the nursing home, a new opportunity to work and learn happened. This opportunity generated a now even better opportunity to serve and this time it was more personal. It was intimate in a godly way. Working in an assisted living was amazing. Layla grew her friendships. She was able to take the life experiences of these woman and men, and really utilize them in her own life. The relationships were more for Layla than they were for the residents. Layla’s love for her work just flourished in so many ways.

Layla learned how to be a caregiver in 2014 when caregiving and advocating for her ill grandmother became not only an opportunity but a real gift. Together they took all of Layla’s skill set and her grandmothers need for Layla’s knowledge and assistance and she invested every day for 9 months devoted to caring for her grandma. During this time Layla discovered what her lifelong hard work and dedication to serve other was designed for. It was during these 9 months of caregiving, that Layla developed her own business: Delta Senior Referral Services. “Serving Seniors and Their Families” was her ultimate goal.

Layla has been an active member of her church as well as a member of different clubs, all of which witness her passion and desire to invest herself in helping families in need.